History lies within

Joram Barbiers (1974), co-owner of Aluminium Centrum Amsterdam (after a recent merger more commonly known as ACA/De Hoop), was born and raised in Amsterdam. He hails from a family of creative minds. 
After gaining years of experience in metalworking, the launch of a personal line of designs by the name of Barbiers Originals therefore comes as no surprise. 

When, in the course of carrying out a commission, he came across the roof supports of an old train station, Barbiers noticed that while he was crafting the steel his thoughts wandered off to the material’s lengthy history; the silent witnesses they must have been to emotional farewells between parting loved ones, the joyous welcome upon their return, wars, even bombings perhaps. He recognized that the material had its own specific tale to tell and Table Stories was born.  

"I thought it would be exciting to design a functional object that made use of a variety of materials that each already had their own history," says Barbiers. "I want my designs to revive their separate parts and since it has long been a tradition for stories to be told at the table, Table Stories seemed like an appropriate name," the designer explains.

His search for long-lived, original material takes him to various places in Europe, but also on Dutch soil he finds parts with a rich history. These assorted finds Barbiers incorporates into exclusive designs.  

Composed of piston rods from a ship’s engine and finished with wood originating from pickle barrels, he now releases his first line of Table Stories, consisting of three tables. 

Barbiers is not only passionate about the design of his creations. Even more so, he wishes to share the background behind the materials he uses: the histories attached to each individual part that have always intrigued him so much. Therefore, every Table Stories table from Barbiers Originals comes with its own personal history: a table story about its origin and some of the history it has been a part of. Every design is unique, one of a kind. As Barbiers says: “I want my designs to reawaken a history that would previously seem to have been completed”.
Joram Barbiers (1974)
founder of Barbiers Originals